Saudi Arabia is a food industry market that is ripe for continued growth and prosperity. Under Vision 2030, the nation is undergoing both an economic and social transformation that we expect to continue to propel the growth and expansion of Innovative Foods, both with Shawarmer as well as with new restaurant concepts.


Saudi’s changing social landscape points to a solid long-term growth opportunity for the QSR industry. People are eating out more as a wide range of new entertainment options open. The nation’s leaders are aggressively pursuing strategies promoting greater inclusion of women in the workplace. And the national demographics are dominated by young people, with greater than 70% of the total population under 30 years of age.


These are just a few examples of trends that are expected to foster new growth potential for restaurant chains like Shawarmer that have a demonstrated track record for appealing to local, young families.


In fact, our most recent independent brand health data shows that in the highly competitive shawarma market, Shawarmer enjoys 96% local brand awareness. 47% of people surveyed identifying Shawarmer as their most preferred brand, more than doubling the next highest ranking.


Shawarmer’s popularity with the nation’s youth has helped Innovative Foods sustain its track record of year-over-year double-digit growth that has firmly established the modern shawarma fast food group as the largest Saudi owned and operated enterprise in the nation’s QSR industry.



Market Potential

Industry analysts project the QSR industry in the Kingdom will grow from a reported $5.1 billion in 2015 to greater than $9 billion by 2023

Market Share

In 2015, KSA represented 43.8% of the QSR business in the GCC and more than half of the total $9.5 billion foodservice sales in the country

Built for Youth

Growth of the Saudi QSR industry is expected to be driven by youth, with greater than 70% of the total KSA population under the age of 30

Brand Health Data

96% Shawarmer local brand awareness with 47% of people identifying as most preferred Saudi shawarma brand

A Restaurant Industry United

Innovative Foods is a founding member of Qout , which is united in helping foster a healthy, growing KSA food service industry that benefits both our customers and our local businesses