Innovative Foods is transforming itself in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 economic transformation and diversification initiative, making significant investments in future growth and brand expansion.


The first half of 2018 has already seen the expansion of our Shawarmer footprint in Saudi with the opening of 6 new Shawarmer locations. That includes two new branches in Mecca, going deeper into Saudi’s Eastern Province and the opening of our first-ever airport installation at Riyadh King Khalid International Airport Terminal 5. Also in 2018 Innovative Foods will open its first Shawarmer at the Jeddah King Abdul-Aziz International Airport.


Later this year Innovative Foods will unveil details of a state-of-the-art food central food processing, production centre and food testing laboratory. Our new Innovative Foods central kitchen will serve as the engine that futureproofs our growth and expansion strategy. This will be one of the most technologically advanced central kitchens in the GCC food service industry that will underscore our commitment to “fresh & natural” as a cornerstone of our business while greatly contributing to our ongoing efforts to reduce food waste.


We are investing in the redesign of our Shawarmer restaurants. In early 2018 we rolled out a new Shawarmer restaurant design that is all about the customer, leading the way in innovating customer experience at every touch point. At the heart of the new Shawarmer design are innovations in food service technology, improving accessibility and customer service, and an open-kitchen concept that promotes full transparency in food preparation.


Bottom line, our investment in new technology and infrastructure improves product quality, safety and taste while greatly reducing costs and food waste in the long term and giving Innovative Foods vast capacity for growth.


Futureproofing Innovative Foods Growth


Innovative Foods is investing in the future of the business with a clear strategic purpose:


Promoting and ensuring the highest standards of food quality, safety and integrity

New technology that improves customer service and food production processes while reducing food waste

Developing the capacity to expand the Shawarmer footprint across the Kingdom

Export the Shawarmer brand in the GCC and MENA regions as well as in key international markets

Development and commercialization of innovative, new restaurant concepts